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oh, I was moved by your screen dream

Happy Birthday!
Chris Porter 2
Hello. Happy Birthday, and Shalom!

And Shabbat Shalom for that matter. =)

Haven't talked to you in a thousand years but I wanted to let you know I remember you and your wonderful fic. I hope you are well and having a terrific birthday!!

Take care,

curtslade aka Laurel

Hardly ever here anymore
Chris Porter 2
Since I joined tumblr I rarely stop by this place. I only came by today to read a prompt on the GKM for a Klaine fic I plan to read (well, Klaine with a side of Seblaine).

This is a good little place and I do miss it a bit.

I should mention that my fic list needs editing. Whitings deleted her fics and there are no more to be found. I managed to save them on my computer before she removed them. Pity, they were such excellent fics. She's an excellent writer and I hope she becomes a successful writer someday.

Fic rec list
Chris Porter 2
Some of my favorite fic writers, some of their fics and their masterlists:
This list isn't complete by a long shot.

Gotta start with my all-time favorite, hengilas. In particular I'd recommend the Great Romances series. In this fic Kurt and Blaine have been friend-zoning each other all the way up to their first year of college where they are roommates. Lots of UST, some cheating, and well, they aren't very nice to each other for much of the story. Well written with much humor.:

Whitings. Every one of her stories is perfect. In 'You Wear it Well' Kurt is on the football team and is closeted, but loves Blaine.

Sadly the above fic can no longer be found online.=(

Can't forget triddlegrl. I love her lycan fics Solace and Mangaiere:

her consonance and dissonance series is quite beautiful

star55 (couldn't find a masterlist), she's currently writing Breathe In Now:

From her list I can recommend It's Not Babysitting, and Collateral Damage.

a_rainy_monday is another great writer (really all of them are):
she's taken down my favorite fics but what remains is also excellent.

Over on ffnet there's Humanlikeyou. I love her D/s fics Made for Each Other and Our Place in the World. sub!Kurt and Dom!Blaine; Sebastian is also in it and has his eyes on Kurt. Trouble ensues in OPITW. Made For Each Other:
Our Place in the World:

Only Ever His by judearaya is part of the Sons and Lovers verse. In it Kurt and Blaine have been in a relationship for about 5 years. In this fic Blaine receives a text with a pic of Kurt kissing someone else.

From the GKM there's Dog Days are Over by nonnygleek. It's an incomplete WIP but wonderful and has much feeling: Blaine is a dog, literally, but turns human (smut yes, but no bestiality).

Flyblckbirdfly has many good fics. I have fond memories of her Misadventures of Teenage Boys verse. Here is the first in the series:
And here is the link to her master fic list:

First Klaine WIP I ever read was aelora's Together We Are the Oceans::)

Best badboy!Blaine fic I've ever read is rainjoy's Fix:
I can't hear Florence and the Machine's Drumming Song without thinking of this fic!

Emilianadarling's Illicit in which Kurt and Blaine smoke pot:

Alura_embrey's bondage verse fics: Disguise Our Bondage:
and Dazzling Precious Treasure:

Skintightsocks masterlist:

Chris Colfer friended me!
Chris Porter 2
OMG!!! I don't know where else to freak out about this so I'm doing it here. CHRIS COLFER friended me on Facebook!!!!

My life is complete.

gold pants!
Chris Porter 2
Yay! Thank you nikkikitty for the icons of gold pants!!! =D

yay new icon!
Chris Porter 2
Thanks to amarx17 I have a yummy Darren-at-Coachella usepic!! Yay!!!

new usepics yay!
Chris Porter 2
Got two more userpics courtesy of nikkikitty !!! Yay Blaine's back!!! =)

(no subject)
Chris Porter 2
Happy Early Birthday triddlegrl !! I hope you have a great day.=D

(no subject)
Chris Porter 2
2 new icons from nikkikitty! :-) Yay!

various things
Chris Porter 2
Firstly, all of my icons are courtesy of nikkikitty. :-)

Secondly I was watching Comic Book Men last night and Walt Flanagan was trying to think up a way to advertise Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and he suggested having two of the guys on the show kiss because as he put it, guys kissing and Glee is really popular right now. This made me very happy of course. Then he asked Ming and Mike if they would kiss but they declined. I should mention that the guys on this show are not the best looking guys in the world - far from it in fact. Mike and Ming are decent looking, plus they're Mike and Ming sooo... I would've enjoyed it. XD

On an earlier episode there was the following exchange between Mike and Ming:

Ming: How was your weekend?

Mike: Good, I made dinner for the family and then we watched Rango.

Ming: "Rango"? You mean the movie?

Mike: No, there's this dude on our block named Rango and we followed him around for a couple of hours.

Ming: ...What are you talking about?


Lastly, I truly need this day to be over. The current icon is apt -  except I just changed it to something more uplifting.:-)

In case someone reads this, the first icon was a Kurt FML icon.=P